The Crane Girl won the 2017 Freeman Book Award for East and Southeast Asian children’s literature and was named to the Best Books for Kids lists of 2017 from the New York Public Library, the Evanston Public Library, and the Center for the Study of Multicultural Children’s Literature!   Read more >

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I write for young people of all ages and strive to create fun books with facts about the world around us and truths about the worlds within.

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You can order a signed copy of any of my books from Island Books, an independent bookstore near Seattle, WA.

You can either call them at (206) 232-6920 or order online using this link and in the last field of information to fill out (“Order comments”) specify that you want the copies to be signed by the author; if you want any of them inscribed for individual people, you need to specify that, too.

There is no shipping charge for standard delivery (faster delivery costs extra).

my daughter talking about aliens-- blue dragonfly